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Using Block.Shop to select marble for purchase online is easy!


The following are frequently asked questions about the Block.Shop platform to help make the process of use and registration easier for both buyers and sellers.


Can I buy more than one block at once? Yes, you can order many blocks at one time through an agreement with the quarry you are interested in buying from.


How long does it take to register my blocks on Block.Shop? Once you have a seller account, blocks can be registered in a matter of minutes through uploading the photo and block details directly to the platform.


Block.Shop provides you access to purchase marble from top quarries all over the world! Here you can find a summary of all queries registered to list marble on Block.Shop:


Location           :    Çanakkale, Turkey
Founded           :    2019
Owner               :    Yalçın Dereli
Marble Type  :    White dolomite and grey dolomite
Average yearly production volume           
Contact information           


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Please send us an e-mail through filling in the contact form below. Once registered, you will have access to Block.Shop’s quarry administrator account page. There, you will find further information on how to arrange with Block.Shop the preparatione of the 3D images required by Block.Shop for each listing. You will also be offered an online 1:1 training session with a Block.Shop representative to help you get started.
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