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Smart.one is a partner company focused on technology, art, science and R&D (RTD). Our main fields; 2D & 3D animations, interactive applications, video games, web applications and sites, artistic and scientific designs and special R&D projects.

Smart.one is an organization based in Estonia. The origins of this company are Turkish and Estonian. We have software developers, 2D & 3D artists, 3D modelers, and academicians.


modern problems require modern solutions

Web Technologies
Web sites and web apps, digital 3D marketing technologies. The department uses HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Three.js, Wordpress, Firebase, SQL and so many OTHER web technologies.

3D Design and Animations
3D object modeling, character modeling, organic modeling, environment modeling, texturing, lightning, character rigging, industrial modelling, 3D scanning models. The department uses 3Ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Substance Painter, ZBrush and some other applications.

Game Technologies
Mobile & PC Games, Science Center Applications, Planetarium Applications. The department uses Unity3D, C/C++, C#, Android Studio, Xcode,Firebase, SQL.



“Imagine a house that can fit the whole universe into its ceiling. An ordinary house can't do that, but there is something that can do; a planetarium...”

Gökbilim is a realtime simulation of the Milky Way galaxy. It contains lots of stars, planets, dwarf planets, moons and other noteworthy celestial bodies based on largest star database. The aim of this project is to provide participants with information about astronomy using planetarians. It is to be able to present visual shows to them. Besides this project has been designed especially for planetariums. This project has won ISIF Gold Medal in 2017. Most of the information provided from Nasa.

Science Centers

“To learn science, nature and technology by playing games, having fun, solving puzzles, willingly? It's really possible...”

Bilge Küre
Bilge designed as an interactive Earth exploration application similar to SOS from NOAA. The images projected onto the sphere show the clouds, precipitation, temperature, wind, and pressure maps on the world in real time, you can see where is rainy or more hot in world map.


“To create interactive social activity centers that innovate in science, art or technology...”

#TbtCanakkale is an AR application for kiosks. It combines two images on one screen and provides a journey to history. The aim of this project is, for to people can take a souvenir photo with the commanders, in the headquarters was using in 1918 in Çanakkale.


“A desktop program are you seeking? A mobile app or a web site maybe? We can bring life to ones and zeros...”

Block.shop is 3D e-commerce website. High quality 3D Marble blocks present to recipients. And recipients can analyze 3D Marbles without going to marble quarry and they can trade easily.

3D Mapping Manager
The application uses for video mapping with using multi projectors on different types of surfaces such as a building or big wall. It supports 8 projectors. It can be used for DJ Loops, 3D mapping movies, images.


compilations of out products

Astronomy Apps

Science Center Apps


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